About those plastic pellets in your facial scrub

The news that millions of tiny plastic particles used in facial scrubs and toothpaste have been found in the Great Lakes is making its rounds in the media this week.

The gist of this concerning news is that small and sometimes microscopic plastic particles go down the drain after having made contact with your skin and show up in our lakes. They are making their way up the food chain, being eaten by fish that we, humans, end up eating ourselves.

Reading and listening to this report has made me think of The Story of Cosmetics, one of the videos produced by the brilliant Annie Leonard. (If you don’t know her, please stop everything you’re doing and head to www.storyofstuff.org now!)

If you’re concerned about what’s in your family’s cosmetics and toiletries I highly recommend watching the video. There’s so much to think about here.

“It’s like a giant experiment. We’re using all these mystery chemicals and waiting to see what happens.”


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