Recipe: avocado cocoa pudding


I’m not the most spontaneous of cooks. But last night was one of those nights when you really, really want a piece of chocolate after a nice curry dinner, and then you realize that you’re all out of Green and Blacks. Panic ensues, and you must come up with something, quick.

So I did! and I have to share this with you because I inadvertently created a ridiculously easy and delicious chocolate pudding. It’s not like I was taking notes while trying a new recipe so the amounts below are approximate. In any case, this pudding is totally forgiving so please go ahead and create your own version.

By the way, did you know that people in Brazil eat avocados sprinkled with brown sugar for dessert? I know. It’s delicious.

Quick avocado cocoa pudding (Yields two small cups)

Half an avocado
2 Tbs agave nectar (or sweetener of your choice, to taste)
About 1 to 2 Tbs unsweetened cocoa powder
About 3 Tbs almond milk (or other milk of your choice)

In a small bowl, mush the avocado with a fork until pretty soft. Add agave and cocoa powder and whisk. Slowly add the milk until you think it’s soft enough but careful not to water down the mix too much. Whisk vigorously until all the ingredients are integrated and the mix looks like a soft pudding. Taste and adjust sugar and milk amounts if necessary. Pour on two small cups. Done!


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