About Gabriela Perdomo


I’m a freelance journalist and mama who loves wholesome foods, green living and family fun. My husband, lil Sophie and I currently live in Ottawa but spend a lot of our time in Toronto and Bogotá (Colombia).

I started this site thinking, like so many new moms, that after surviving the first 12 months of my baby girl’s life now I have all this information that I would love to share with other families. And that as my daughter grows, I’ll need to stay informed and continue sharing what I learn with others.

My focus is on environmentally friendly, healthy, and wholesome living. I’m nowhere close to where I’d like to be in terms of green living; my family lives a very normal life. But we do try to do little things to get closer to our goal of living a healthier life. So here you’ll find a mix of news, tips and even some recipes that you’ll hopefully try out with your family.

Welcome! And if you’re a new mom or dad, congratulations!!!

(All pictures on this site are my own unless otherwise stated).


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